Our brand is built on a foundation of inclusivity, empowerment, and a love for fashion. We believe that our most loyal customers make the best advocates, and we want to celebrate your dedication by rewarding you for spreading the Talulah love. La Maison Talulah has been a gathering place for women who believe in the power of beauty, style, and creativity. With every hand-crafted dress, we celebrate our passion for design and the joy of feeling confident and beautiful in our own skin.



Becoming a Talulah Ambassador opens up a world of exciting opportunities:

Monthly Style Selections and Gifting: 
Choose your favourite styles every month and receive them as gifts. Experience the joy of exploring our latest collections.

Earn Rewards: 
Transform your passion for fashion into tangible rewards. Generate commissions on every sale made through your unique Ambassador link, turning your love for style into real benefits.

Generous Discounts for Your Audience: 
Empower your audience or customers with exclusive discount codes to shop at Talulah. It's a win-win – you earn commissions, and your audience enjoys discounts on their purchases.

Sell & Earn with Pre-Loved Talulah Treasures: 
When you've finished promoting the styles, take advantage of our Pre-Loved Talulah Treasures site. Sell the items and earn money while contributing to sustainable fashion practices.

Recognition and Inspiration: 
Gain recognition and visibility as a Talulah Ambassador. Your unique style and passion for fashion will inspire others, as your journey is celebrated on our website, social media channels, and newsletters.


Share your love for Talulah and follow the links below.

Our team will thoughtfully review your application and notify you once you've been accepted into our program.

Get Your Ambassador Kit: 
Upon approval, you'll receive your Ambassador confirmation, complete with all the information and your unique Ambassador link. You will be sent a list of styles to get started with.

Share and Earn: 
Start sharing your content with your new Talulah pieces to your audience using your Ambassador link and discount code for your audience. Earn commissions on sales made through your link.