LA MAISON TALULAH is style with a local ease but a global opinion. Elegance without all the effort, fashion without all the fuss. The Talulah woman is dynamic, she is bold, she is sexy and she has something to say. Her wardrobe is only the start of the conversation.

Having been draped over the shoulders of some of the country’s most chic women including Jennifer Hawkins, Tash Oakley, Jodi Gordon, Clementine McVeigh and Kate Waterhouse, La Maison Talulah now takes its signature aesthetic to women across the globe.

Now over a decade since the brand's inception, the evolution into La Maison Talulah has been a considered process, built carefully upon the ethos of effortless, elegant luxury.

La Maison Talulah delivers romance and confidence through each design, satisfying the secret desires of being the best dressed person in the room.

Each collection features a carefully curated offering of silhouettes that are both distinctive and inherently classic by design, brought to life through the use of exclusive prints, unique textiles and bold colours. 

It is this solid design philosophy that has been the driving force behind the brand's global expansion.