Some trends come and go, but off the shoulder (or OTS) has embedded itself into our wardrobe essentials checklist. It's flattering, charming and turns a simple silhouette into something more le special.

Our designers have put their own spin on the Spring Collection of off the shoulder dresses and off the shoulder tops. Talulah Head Designer, Toni Dameglio, gives us some insider tips on how to incorporate OTS into your wardrobe.

Talulah Off The Shoulder Spring Dresses

(Left) Rhapsody Midi Dress (Centre) Coming Soon (Right) Floral Affair Full Midi Dress

1. Off shoulder pieces are so flattering because everyones shoulders look good. Keep the rest of your outfit sleek and simple and let your shoulders stand out.

2. Off shoulder and cut out shoulder styles look great with chokers. Keep the neck piece thin and simple so it is not too overwhelming.

3. Edgy off the shoulder styles can help offset the prettiness of summer hues and bold prints. If you wanting to incorporate a new colour or floral pattern but ultra-feminine isn't your style, then try incorporating OTS or a shoulder cut out into your look.  

Still not convinced? Here are just a few of our favourite street style off the shoulder looks.

The Haute Pursuit Street Style

Photo: The Haute Pursuit

Gary Pepper Off The Shoulder Street Style

Photo: Gary Pepper Girl

Lee Oliveira Off The Shoulder Street Style

Photo: Lee Oliveira

Collage Vintage Off The Shoulder Street Style

Photo: Collage Vintage