Having launched our new campaign entitled The Power Of Femininity, we thought it time to introduce you to the face behind the campaign, and explain why Elliott Sailors was the obvious choice.


We needed the right person to represent both the subject of femininity, and of course, showcase our new collection. We believe we chose the perfect person, for the perfect reason, and we’re about to tell you why.  



Elliott Sailors the face of the La Maison Talulah Power of Femininity Campaign


In this Manhattan located shoot, you can find Sailors strutting her stuff: taking a break from the blazer for a day, she walked the streets of New York in our feminine dresses, and we’re so glad she agreed to represent us in her own way.


The Power of Femininity shot in NYC by Nic Hudson for La Maison Talulah


While some may think Sailors looks displaced in a shoot dolled up with extravagant dresses, we want to tell you that that is one of the reasons why we chose her. While we are incredibly invested in Sailors style and look, we are mostly astounded by what she represents. Whether you’ve heard of Sailors or not, her story is worth knowing.

Elliott Sailors for La Maison Talulah

At the age of thirty, Sailors felt as if she was coming towards the end of her modelling career; taking matters into her own hands, she decided that something had to change.

After using Andrej Pejić as an inspiration (the worlds first transgender model) and being fed up with being told to ‘act more feminine’ - Sailors decided to try her hand at male modelling. She initially attempted a photo-shoot with her hair tied back, whilst posing in a mans suit, however she felt that despite her strong facial features - the photos were not believable. If she wanted it to work, she would have to cut her hair.

 Her husband at the time, Adam Santos-Coy, was supportive of her decision and filmed the monumental moment; all the while admitting he would miss her golden locks. Once her hair had been styled into a fashionable mens cut, she set out into the male modelling world - with her breasts carefully wrapped to her chest.

 Sailors endeavours were so successful that she became one of the first females working in male modelling industry, after Casey Legler who was the very first woman to be signed to a male agency. Sailors states that she enjoys not being treated like a precious flower, and instead enjoys being told exactly how it is, and what to do. Sailors even states that other male models are very supportive of her and her career.

Elliott Sailors represents La Maison Talulah in the Power of Femininity Campaign


While the salary is only half of what it was as a female model, Sailors says that becoming a male model doubles her time in the modelling world, insisting that it evens itself out over time. Five years on, Sailors has since divorced her husband, and now defines herself as openly gay. She is currently dating Olympia Soheve who is a photographer in the fashion industry.


Elliott Sailors and the story of why she was chosen to represent La Maison Talulah


Being a prime example for gender equality, Sailor is of course, an active feminist, with both herself and Soheve involved in a campaign as a model and photographer duo for the ‘All woman project’ which was created to show and support diversity in fashion. The campaign also shows other models that push stereotypes, such as Iskra Lawerence who is a happy and healthy plus size model.

 Sailors also supports the #likeagirl campaign which pushes against the stereotype that doing things ‘like a girl’ is an insult, and not an incredible thing.

 Elliott Saillors in the #likeagirl campaign



When it comes to the feminism definition, unfortunately the meaning of the word gets often lost, misused and abused. Here at La Maison Talulah, we support femininity in the true sense of the word; which we believe means to be strong, confident and true to yourself - all things Sailors has shown time and time again, that she stands for. There are so many ways in which feminism affects our every day life - without us even recognizing it. In the sense of how we speak - are we strong with our words? In the sense of how we walk - are we confident with where we go and how we get there? In the sense of how we dress - are we true to ourselves?

 Feminism is more then just a stance or a movement, it’s a lifestyle. It’s the glue that holds us together when we need it the most.

 “Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” – G.D Anderson


Elliott Sailors in all her beauty as the face of the Power of Femininity Campaign


Here at La Maison Talulah, we look at the bigger picture, and that not only means making sure we are true to ourselves, but also providing the resources for you to be true to yourself. 

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.” – Unknown 

All in all, Sailors is a trendsetter, boundary pusher, and an inspiration for any person out there who needs to push past stereotypes, to be and do what they really want to - we hope you can see now, why we made the perfect choice when we asked Sailors to be the face, of our “The Power Of Femininity” Campaign.



Written by Katheryn Baird