As the weather heats up and wedding season kicks into gear - we all experience some form of wedding guest anxiety before the summer is over. 

We all share the same fashion woes - I don't want to buy a dress I will only wear once, will I be able to wear it again without people noticing, is it appropriate for a wedding...

Whether you are a classicist, a minimalast, romantic or trendsetter, we have a look to suit your style - and with a few fresh accessories and a layer or two, this curation of dresses will get you from ceremony to the dance floor through to brunch the next day.

Tip: Love white but don't want to compete with the bride. Try a bold print on a white base. You will get the same fresh look and feel without feeling like you are getting married too.

Talulah Instinct Midi Dress

Instinct Midi Dress 

Talulah Falls Full Midi Skirt

Falls Full Midi Skirt

Talulah Endless Full Maxi Dress

Endless Full Maxi Dress

Talulah Maison Midi Dress

Maison Midi Dress