In the first edition of 2017 we join social media influencer Johanna Olsson in London.

Hailing from Sweden Johanna now resides between London & LA. With a passion for luxury fashion, Johanna has chosen her favourite TALULAH pieces, and takes us to some of her favourite hangs when she’s back home in one of the world’s most charming cities.



I think Notting Hill is one of the most charming and beautiful areas in London and I can walk around here for hours even though I used to live here I never get tired of it.



Johanna wears the Midnight Dream Mini Dress 



Harrods has the best sweets and I can never resist having one (or two) whenever I’m out for some shopping.



Beach Blanket Babylon, Notting Hill, London



Johanna expertly styling the Seamstress Dress



A place I always like to visit when in London, yummy pancakes for breakfast and divine cocktails for evening. This place has a very cozy and festive atmosphere and is especially lovely around the holidays!


Follow the beautiful journey of Johanna on Instagram @johannaeolsson