We sit down with Ella Golding to discuss all things fashion, travel and sources of inspiration.
As passionate as she is creative, Ella speaks fluently about her life experiences, growing up within the industries of fashion, media and the arts, must-see travel destinations, as well as her plans for the future. 

1. We understand you come from a very fashion-oriented family. Can you tell us a little about this and how it influenced your love for elegant designs?

Becoming a woman whilst being surrounded by constant creativity and beauty, my parents both being heavily involved in fashion, media and the arts, I grew into the environment of inspiration and creative process. My appreciation for beauty, richness of detail, refined aesthetics stems from being privy to the nuances of fashion and design, viewing the brains behind them as role models and learning the way of expressing oneself.

2. As a creative, where do you draw inspiration from?

The whole vision of an outfit or theme comes to me from a feeling or desire inside first, followed by seeking this in visual imagery or material inspiration. Particularly film, music, poetry, fashion editorials, which are definitely more ‘theatrical’ in nature - my vision usually takes form with influence from a few sources, forming the entire story. Some days, it might simply be a beautiful glass bottle of Rosé and familiar melody that drives me to put on my floral sundress, a peachy lip colour and embrace the theme...glass in hand. Part of the overall drive, is confidence and letting your own sense of beauty influence your style...all else follows.

3. We absolutely adore the looks you create. Do you have any tips on how to style a piece to be unique to oneself?

I have always been one to find the looks that are unique or elevate them to a special level using accessories. For instance, starting with the humble LBD as the canvas...what makes that yours? It would be the accessories, so picking something to compliment and express your style or desired look, be it an extravagant necklace or a chain belt. Everybody has their favourite additions or ways of styling an outfit, embrace what is unique to you.

4. Your travel content has always inspired us. What are your top 3 destinations to visit in the world?

Destinations become desirable to me when I have formed a connection to the place and it becomes treasured. My travels have taken me to a variety of the most beautiful coastlines, streets, restaurants, hotels...when that all collects with inspired company, whether it is yourself, friends or partner, the most incredible memories are created. Following this, my top three would be;

1. French Riviera, where dreams come true (particularly Monaco, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat)
2. Switzerland, where it feels like a peaceful home (Geneva, Zurich, St.Moritz)
3. Big Asia - where it embraces the eclectic and elegant (Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan)

    5. Tell us a little about your career so far.

    Leading to this point, I am incredibly grateful for the life experience I gathered and sourced while growing up in such an interesting environment, through to working mostly autonomously since then through own business platform. Working with all the amazing events and brands over that time, I built the knowledge around my interests like travel, hospitality, luxury industries and fashion. Taking that into the world now and exploring, was an extravagant, extraordinary and enlightening journey that I am only continuing on a greater level as I follow that path overseas. 

    6. Do you have any exciting plans coming up? Any events you’re excited to attend? Or any future travel plans in the works? 

    A grand question for these uncertain times! Right now, I am certain on taking in all this period of space, freedom and self-exploration in isolation - paradox but perfectly true! I have been indulging in hosting friends at home, collecting inspiration in the arts, exploring the local surroundings and discovering some new culinary treats. We do not count champagne corks, only the memories!

    7. What’s next for Ella?

    As the world allows, I will continue overseas with better insight to guide my aspirations. I am endeavouring to build my personal brand through finding a permanent base, building a strong network and platform through this. First, picking where...stay tuned!