What are your travel essentials?

I always pack my laptop, chargers and camera so my every day tech items along with me. My straw boater hat and a good book is also a must.


What are the must pack pieces this holiday season?

SPF! I am so sun conscious, I always carry my SPF, a one piece swim suit and an off the shoulder dress with me.


What’s your airport uniform to maintain jet set style?

It’s always the same for me: jeans, an oversized tee, my Louis Vuitton scarf, and loafers.


How do you wardrobe plan for your trip?

I work out how many days I am going away for and take a top and bottom for each day and I make sure that a couple of the bottoms work with a couple of the tops so I can mix up my looks. I always pack way too many shoes so I am learning to only take two pairs of heels, sneakers and sandals instead of 3 pairs of boots and 3 extra heels. I always throw in a couple of dresses for special lunches and dinners.




Give us your top beauty tips to survive the holiday season.

Water, water, water! Well, I am a non-drinker so it is easy for me to say this but water is my go-to drink and in the Aussie sun, it is so easy to get dehydrated. Moisturise and always start your morning make up routine with a face SPF sunscreen.


What are the key summer looks you’ll be styling?

I am loving two styles at the moment, the off the shoulder dress with some big earrings and a great pair of denim shorts and a tee.


What are your top holiday hotspots?

Noosa all the way! It is the place that makes me so happy, it is kid friendly and has exceptional restaurants. The beach is like swimming in a big bath and I really feel mindful there. I also love Lorne in Victoria, it is a great get-away for my family, even when it is cold, and it is a very cosy town.



What do you always make space in your suitcase for?

My hair straightener!


Tell us what your go anywhere dress is this season.

The Slow dance Mini Dress! I have it and it is a great dress up or down piece! Also, it is off the shoulder which I am loving right now!


What’s your go-to hang out spot in Melbourne.

I love Mr Miyagi restaurant, the food is so good, the Nori Tacos are to die for! And although I don't drink alcohol, I love their cocktails and I might dabble with one or two.