What are your travel essentials?  

A good moisturizer, hair straightener, hydralyte and versatile sandals


 What are the must pack pieces this holiday season?

 Hats; rookie mistake me not taking any away with me, I couldn’t find any overseas


What’s your airport uniform to maintain jet set style?

 Slouchy pants, Cons, and a comfy jumper – always!


 Eileen wears the Dark Knight Mini Dress above


How do you wardrobe plan for your trip?

 I generally pack things that can be dressed up or quite casual, so generally separates most of the time. A cute denim skirt, always works! Dressy sandals, a good pair of denim shorts, and making sure everything can be mixed and matched for lots of cute outfits :)


Give us your top beauty tips to survive the holiday season.

 Invest in good skin care when travelling, if your skin is exposed to different climates and conditions, you’d want to make sure it’s getting the best care. No one wants sun damaged skin - ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN!!!


What are the key summer looks you’ll be styling?

A lot more colour this year for me - lots and lots of colour and print. 



What’s your dream destination?

Next stop -> NEW YORK . Yep, still have never been to the states 


What do you always make space in your suitcase for?

 Cute little trinkets, sentimental stuff, I always seem to pick up the most random things.


Tell us your what your favourite anywhere dress is.

So I love the Edwardian Dress, mainly because it can be worn with a cute denim jacket and some Cons or some nice heels - and bam! – a versatile outfit :)