It's fast approaching that time of year where invitations start coming in thick and fast and we need to work on our PM project. The chicest NKOTB, photographer Tess Leopold shoots our after dark pieces in our latest Talulah Photographic Series. 

Read on to learn more about this creative wunderkind.

Tess Leopold

(T) When did you first become interested in photography?

(TL) I was 9 and on my first overseas trip to Europe - So exciting for a young tacker like myself!! My mum encouraged me to spend the spending money my dad gave me on a camera. So I did :) I don't think I ever looked back... It has always been in some aspect of my life since then.

(T) What is your favourite part of shooting?

(TL) I love getting into different mind and creative spaces for each shoot. It's challenging and never boring! I also love working with so many different people - I have been lucky enough to make some really close friends through my work :)

Talulah X Tess Leopold

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(T) Where do you find inspiration?

(TL) Everywhere! I look to books, history, what's outside my front door... Other photographers that I look up to. Anything that is stimulating and I find intriguing. 

(T) What have been your favourite shoot locations?

(TL) Hmmm.. Iconic Sydney locations such as The Bronte Baths, Melbourne rooftops and studios! But to be honest, I love finding hidden treasures around my local area :)

Talulah X Tess Leopold

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(T) If you could shoot anyone in the world who would you choose?

(TL) Right now, Gemma Ward. I'm sure I saw her in a cafe in Brunswick Heads over the weekend. So naturally, I'm infatuated!!

(T) What does fashion mean to you?

(TL)An avenue to express yourself. Every day is different but fashion communicates in a language of its own.

(T) Which photographers do you believe revolutionised fashion photography?

(TL) Helmut Newton, Mario Testino, Horst P Horst. All incredible and phenomenal.

Talulah X Tess Leopold

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(T) Do you feel the aesthetic of the labels you workwith are close to your own?

(TL)Sometimes yes, sometimes no. But all I enjoy just the same :) 

(T) How often do you step out of her comfort zone to be creative?

(TL)Quite a lot! I'm known to become quite the monkey on sets to get the right angle.. At times it's a little frightening! 

(T) Of all the images you’ve made so far in your career, which is your favourite and why?

(TL) That's hard to say! I'm not sure if I have one but see the attached :) I just love the movement and lightning. I try to convey emotion and challenge an audience with my photographs. I think this image is unconventional which is why I love it. 

Talulah X Tess leopold

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