The La Maison Talulah Instagram feed is full of beautiful females, wearing beautiful dresses, in beautiful locations. However, we need to let you know that there’s more depth to this aesthetically decorative feed, and that lies in the soul, wisdom and intelligence of the actual women behind the pictures.
More Than She Wore: the substance of the women we feature. 


Nicole and Danielle Benton are the twin sisters behind When Words Fail, a successful blog that focuses on all things fashion and travel, while showcasing the pairs laid-back yet polished style. We caught up with the duo to chat about what inspires them, their must-haves for Spring and their favourite new Talulah pieces. 


When Words Fail styles La Maison Talulah 

Part 1 with Nicole Benton 


Tell us about your favourite Talulah Spring style.

I absolutely love the Rose Quartz Ruffle Mini Dress. Florals are always a winner for Spring! It's very playful with its feminine ruffles but still super chic with the more structured fabric. I can see myself dressing it up with strappy heels and leather jacket for night or dressing it down with straw bag and leather slides for day.


What are your must haves this spring?

White sunglasses: I love the contrast of dark frames with matt white rims especially in modern cat eye shapes. I think white sunnies can complete any outfit look.

Basket bags: I'm so obsessed with basket bags at the moment. They go with almost any outfit. Basket bags basically add great Spring/Summer vibes to whatever you're wearing! 

White sneakers: I choose flats over heels any day! I think white sneakers will always be relevant for a relaxed cool look.


What inspired you to start your blog When Words Fail?

Our friends and family always used to admire the pictures Danielle and I would take of each other in different outfits. They told us to start "something" in the fashion industry. We didn’t know exactly what that was going to be until we began following bloggers on social media. We were so excited to see that blogging was actually a thing! The rest was history.  


When Words Fail styles La Maison Talulah


How would you describe your personal style and is there a person who is a fashion inspiration to you?

I would describe my style as laidback chic. I love wearing simple midi dresses with sneakers and pairing it with a blazer or leather jacket. 

I absolutely love how Rosie Huntington Whiteley styles herself. She keeps it really simple but still always manages to look super chic and well put together!


How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

Oh man, I definitely don't have the world’s best time management skills but somehow I manage to get there in the end! Danielle and I share all roles which is great to break it up a little! It's all about planning ahead. We map out our posting schedule weeks ahead!


Where is next on your travel bucket list?

Mexico! I've booked to go this Oct/Nov (can't wait!). I've always wanted to visit Tulum, the water looks so insanely clear and there’s so many cenotes I want to explore nearby. I also hear the fish tacos are pretty amazing…


When Words Fail styles La Maison Talulah


What is your best travel advice?

Pack light! I always find that I over pack and never actually wear everything in my suitcase. Also don't plan too much, my best trips have always been when you travel spontaneously.


What is the best thing about working with your sister?

We get along so well and I think being sisters we can be extremely honest with each other. We naturally work really well together. I feel like I'm working with a best friend every day.


What issues today are you most passionate about?

Marriage equality! I have so many gay people in my life and I would love to see them be able to get married in Australia. I believe that no one should stop anyone from marrying someone they love, regardless of what sex they are. 


What do you want the future of fashion to look like?

Fashion trends are always changing however I believe the future should be more colourful! I've always loved the monochrome look, but I think it's time everyone brings in more colour.


When Words Fail styles La Maison Talulah 

Part 2 with Danielle Benton


Tell us about your favourite Talulah Spring style. 

You really can't beat a pop of colour for Spring! The red floral Margarita Floral Mini Dress is so perfect for the season. The name really says it all! The long sleeved design is great for that extra coverage but the soft fabrication keeps it really wearable for the warmer months. Such a flattering style for all body types! 


Can you walk us through a typical day for you? 

My day starts always with a green tea or a green smoothie for healthy kick-start! Then I usually go through my emails, map out the day ahead and begin my makeup routine.


Where is your favourite travel destination? 

Definitely Bali, that place never gets old! We are booked to go again next Feb I can't wait! 


What is your main source of inspiration when it comes to staying up to date on the fashion industry? 

With the abundance of imagery available online I am constantly finding new sources of inspiration. I love scrolling through Pinterest and Tumblr looking at fashion shoots, home décor and street style imagery. I am really loving denim and metallics at the moment !


When Words Fail styles La Maison Talulah 

Who was your first style icon?

 I'd have to say two people ... Mary Kate & Ashley. When we were younger Nicole and I used to dress up and pretend to be them haha! Their label 'The Row' is truly amazing.


What advice would you give to young women wanting to be in the fashion industry? 

Don't be shy, don't worry what people think. There are no rules or limits with fashion! Just do whatever you want to do and always be comfortable in your own skin. 


What inspires you most about your sister?

She inspires me every single day to be the very best version of me. I don't know what I'd do without her! 


How do you wind down after a long and busy day?

At the end of a long day I love to sit on my lounge and have a cup of tea! Nothing better than winding down with a hot tea! 


What part of your career have you been most proud of?

It’s so hard to narrow it down as I am really proud of everything I have achieved. I’m definitely proud to say I am one half of a successful Fashion Blog!


What are your plans for the future?

Hopefully more travelling! And continuing to grow our blog, I’m so lucky to do something I love every day.

 When Words Fail styles La Maison Talulah


Nicole wears the Rose Quartz Ruffle Mini, shop here.

Danielle wears the Margarita Floral Mini, arriving online in October.