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Tessa-Jay Slight always looked up to her father for running a successful business. With a flair for big ideas and creative strategy, she spent over 5 years working for renowned PR agency AMPR, where she managed numerous high-profile fashion accounts. Despite progressing in the industry, she yearned to have her own business. One year ago she jumped ship and co-founded onetwo agency, a Melbourne-based boutique firm, specialising in PR, events & digital strategy. Read on to learn how she made the leap, her tips for success and how to attain the ever elusive work/life balance.

Tessa-Jay Slight of onetwo agency talks to La Maison Talulah

We know you from Instagram as a fashion & lifestyle blogger, but last year you left AMPR and launched your own boutique PR agency onetwo; what was the catalyst for starting your own business?

I had always wanted to own my own business; I had grown up with my dad owning and running his own successful business and had a passion for business subjects in school as well as arts, which lead me to PR, because it's a business where you can ultimately be creative and strategic. I was always better at the creative side but I built up my knowledge and experience over the years, until I felt that I had enough tools to go out on my own. It's onetwo's 1st birthday in two weeks which is very exciting!


A lot of people have the dream of starting their own business, but perhaps don’t have the confidence, or faith to actually make it happen; what advice would you give them?

It sounds cliche but believe in what your doing, love what you do and always strive to succeed. It takes a lot of work and hours but if you love what you do, it doesn't feel like work.


As a female entrepreneur what are the biggest challenges that you have faced?

Perhaps not being taken seriously or valued at times but thankfully I haven't really come up against this issue too much. 


You’ve worked with some incredible clients over the past twelve months, what campaign or strategy have you been most proud of?

It has been an amazing year, I am so thankful and feel really lucky to have worked with such great clients and people. I love all of our clients but a highlight would have been working with Converse launching SS17 and also Thurley during Spring Racing and the Polo period - that brand goes from strength to strength each season. 


What piece of advice would you give to new PR practitioners entering the fashion industry?

Think outside the box and be digitally focused. The PR world is changing, gone are the days of media releases and image send outs. You have to do more. We love working with the influencer and blogger world as well as all the amazing talent Australia has to achieve our KPIs. Make sure you build strong, meaningful relationships and put in time to network and get to know people in the industry.


Tessa-Jay Slight of onetwo agency talks to La Maison Talulah 


You are a confident, successful, powerful female – does that make you a feminist?

As a millennial, I have always grown up with the belief that everyone should have equal rights therefore have never really thought of myself as a feminist, however based on what the term means, I am.


There is debate that it’s not possible to be a feminist and love fashion at the same time; what do you think?

I don't believe this one. I think you can love, have a passion or a hobby for anything that brings you joy.


How would you define your personal style?

My style really does change depending on how I feel. I have quite a relaxed style and love either black, white and navy or white lace & prints - depending on the season. 


What’s on the agenda for the rest of 2017?

This year has gone so fast - for the rest of 2017 it is work work work. I am planning on a 2018 holiday, perhaps to Europe or somewhere sunny and tropical!


What’s your recipe for de-stressing?

You will find me on my couch watching TV, eating my favourite foods and watching my favourite shows... or football with my boyfriend. I am becoming well versed in the world of AFL thanks to him.