The La Maison Talulah Instagram feed is full of beautiful females, wearing beautiful dresses, in beautiful locations. However, we need to let you know that there’s more depth to this aesthetically decorative feed, and that lies in the soul, wisdom and intelligence of the actual women behind the pictures.
More Than She Wore: the substance of the women we feature.
The first article in the More Than She Wore series profiles Jasmine Garnsworthy, an Australian freelance writer, editor, and content producer based in New York City. She produces wellness, natural beauty, and style content that reaches tens of millions of people across multiple industry-leading publishers and brands, including; STYLECASTER, POPSUGAR, Sporteluxe, Refinery29, Racked, Byrdie, Bupa,, and  Read the Q&A..
Jasmine Garnsworthy at home in NYC wearing La Maison Talulah 

When did you decide you wanted to be a writer?

I originally wanted to work in public relations, but about half way through my degree—after interning for a couple of years—I landed my first full time job as a publicist and quickly realized I didn’t love it. I knew I liked to write, so applied for a job as a copywriter with what was then known as, and was lucky enough to land the position. After a year or so into the gig I was hired by to be their Style Editor, and I’ve been working as an editor/writer ever since. 

What was your main motivation for moving from Australia to the Big Apple

I’ve wanted to live in New York since I was 15 and first watched Sex and the City—although it wasn’t until a work trip in 2014 that I actually got to visit NYC! I applied for, scored, and then moved for a job just few weeks after that visit. 

As you know we are running The Power of Femininity Campaign with Elliot Sailors; would you consider yourself a feminist? 

Of course!

Some people say you can’t be a feminist and love fashion at the same time - we disagree - what do you think?

I’m a feminist but I love fashion and makeup, listen to Kanye, and (if I choose to get married) want my dad to walk me down the aisle some day. I can see how many think feminism in 2017 is full of contradictions, but as long as you support the central belief that men and women should be politically, economically, and socially equal, then you are a feminist. 

What are your thoughts on the benefits of gender equality?

I think most people can agree that supporting gender equality is simply the right thing to do. But it can also contribute to really tangible benefits: higher employee retention and productivity for businesses, happier communities, and healthier relationships. Sociologist Michael Kimmel delivered a really interesting, data-led TED Talk on the topic that's worth listening to.


Jasmine Garnsworthy talks to La Maison Talulah about The Buff

Back in 2015 you were making a living from complaining about the condition of your skin. As a freelance beauty journalist you suffered from a classic case of irony – and an extreme cystic acne breakout. However, this lead to research that not only revolutionised your beauty regime, and outlook on the cosmetics industry, yet resulted in you creating your own brand of facial oils – how does this breakthrough make you feel?

It's really exciting. We're getting great feedback from customers. 

What’s next for your organic oil beauty brand The Buff? 

The focus is on ramping up our retail presence and distribution so that you can find us in stores all across Australia and the US. 




Jasmine Garnsworthy in Cuba wearing La Maison Talulah


Imagery taken from Jasmine's Instagram feed. Jasmine wears: