The La Maison Talulah Instagram feed is full of beautiful females, wearing beautiful dresses, in beautiful locations. However, we need to let you know that there’s more depth to this aesthetically decorative feed, and that lies in the soul, wisdom and intelligence of the actual women behind the pictures.
More Than She Wore: the substance of the women we feature. 



Holly Titheridge is one half of Base Colour, an enviable fashion and lifestyle blog that she runs with significant other Shaun Lyle. Once a platform for their daily outfits, Base Colour has evolved into a style, travel and complete lifestyle platform with an international online audience. 

We caught up with the fashion star to talk about what it's like to work with your partner and how to break into the industry. Scroll on to see Holly style her favourite La Maison Talulah pieces for this years festive season!



Holly T AKA Base Colour


What styles are you loving most from the Talulah High Summer range?

I’m a bit of a sucker for anything with gold elements to it – the Queen of the Night Mini and Midi are my two personal favs. 


What inspired you to start your blog Base Colour?

To be completely honest, it was something that happened quite organically! It all began by posting regular outfit posts on my Instagram account. My content was quite popular, so I thought I would expand on the content I show from just the single outfit picture on IG, to a variety of images of each outfit and shopping links to shop the product I feature. This then grew to become not just a fashion website, but also include everything from travel to interiors and beauty.


Holly T AKA Base ColourHolly T AKA Base Colour


The other half of Base Colour is your partner Shaun. What is the best thing about working with your partner?

Working with Shaun is quite honestly amazing. We have each other to bounce ideas off for upcoming projects, plus we get to travel together quite a lot with our job. The only thing we need to work on is switching off! Owning a business together means we talk ‘shop’ a lot – we need to get into the habit of switching off after 6pm!


Holly T AKA Base ColourHolly T AKA Base Colour


Can you walk us through a typical day for you?  

We hardly ever have two days that are the same, so a typical day for us is hard to come by. If, however, on the off chance we get an office day at home, we usually start our day with a quick visit to the gym (always requiring Shaun’s motivation for this!). Once we’re back in the office we’ll begin working through emails and organizing our calendar with upcoming projects and travel arrangements. Then after lunch we might head into the city to shoot a couple of different outfit looks to feature on our Instagram accounts (@_hollyt and @shaun.lyle).


You have created some incredible travel guides on your blog! Where is next on the list?

Thank you! We are actually off to Dubai mid January. Cannot wait to share the experience on the website later that month!


Holly T AKA Base ColourHolly T AKA Base ColourHolly T AKA Base Colour


Your top three travel tips? 

I wish I could say pack light (which is always so important, as extra luggage is always added throughout your trip), but to be honest I can’t even take my own advice! Shaun and I always WAY over pack on ever trip we go on. It’s a working progress!

Ensure your clothing selection can be mixed and matched, so you see yourself wearing them more than once on your trip.

Do your research on the place you’re travelling too. It’s always helpful when planning out your days to already have a rough idea of the places you want to visit.



Where do you draw your inspiration from for your personal style? Any style icons?

Over time I have learnt that it's so important to create your own personal style by wearing outfits that you feel comfortable (and confident) in. I try not to take on someone else’s style, but instead draw ideas from amazing style icons such as Camille Charriere, Margaret Zhang and Amanda Shadforth.


What advice would you give to young women wanting to be in the fashion industry? 

You need to be passionate about what you are doing – hang in there, have goals and work hard because it doesn’t happen overnight!


Holly T AKA Base Colour


What have been your biggest work wins...

This year? Shaun joining the Base Colour team full-time!

This month? Having the opportunity to shoot in a beautiful Byron Bay property for the website.

Last week? Finding out that we are off to Dubai in January with Dubai Tourism!


What's ahead for Base Colour in 2018?

We will be re-launching in mid January! With this comes some new additions to the site and a lot more travel! Super exciting!


Holly T AKA Base Colour


Holly wears pieces from the La Maison Talulah High Summer 17' Collection - shop here.