Meet the face of our new collection, Crescendo - Paulina Grochowina.


When choosing the face of our Autumn 17 Collection we needed a woman who embodied intelligence & confidence, with an air of distinction, and of global appeal: Paulina Grochowina was a natural choice. 

Paulina represents a new era for TALULAH. A decade on, the evolution into La Maison Talulah has been a considered process, built carefully upon the brand ethos of effortless, elegant luxury. The La Maison Talulah objective is to deliver romance and confidence through each design, satisfying the secret desires of being the best dressed person in the room.

Find out more about the beautiful woman who marks the new era of La Maison Talulah.



How did you get into modelling? Was it always something you were interested in pursuing?
I don’t have a cool story about being discovered at the grocery store or music festival. When I moved to Australia my husband encouraged me to see head-booker Christine Fox at Viviens in Perth. I was hesitant because I was already much older than the average "new face", but 10 years and 10 countries later, I’m still working as a model and branching into photography.
What is your background and where in Australia do you call home?
My family is Polish, I grew up in South Africa, and although I currently work in Sydney, I call Perth my home. 
Can you nominate your favourite moment in your modelling career so far?
Too many good ones! It’s hard to choose between the Alps in Innsbruck, the market place in New Delhi, and the island of Capri - all for “work”. Each shoot has been quite an adventure. I think all these experiences put together has that secret agent feel which is what I love the most about this job. Living with minimal possessions, learning about different cultures, speaking foreign languages, starting fresh somewhere new… 
Where around the world has modelling taken you?
Mostly everywhere except Tokyo, I wonder if that'll be my next stop.
Which was your favourite Talulah style from your shoot?
There’s something I love about dresses with high necklines and short hemlines - for this reason "Starry Night Mini" is my instant pick. It also happened to be the first dress I wore at the shoot. The navy blue pleated wonder mini also photographs beautifully. And the evening gowns are all very elegant.
How would you describe your personal style?
Simple, elegant and slightly scruffy.
What does your daily model off duty uniform look like?
I don’t think it’s much different to what I would normally wear on a day full of castings. Dresses, miniskirts, jeans and tees.
Who influences your style the most?
It’s hard to pin it down to a single person. Alexa Chung is always fun and quirky, Jeanne Damas for her femininity, and Jamie Bochert for her androgynous goth look. She's also a trained ballerina. 
What are your no fail beauty tips?
Having sparkling, happy eyes is very important to me. Mine are very sensitive to a lot of cleansers and makeup products, so I try to keep them clean when I'm not working. And of course nothing beats a healthy diet and a good nights rest for just about everything. 

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