How To Wear Floral All Year Long!

The weather is alwayssss changing, but that doesn’t mean florals in your wardrobe need to come and go like the seasons. Floral prints typically bring to mind warm weather, when real blooms grace gardens. Flowers carry a happy connotation. It just feels good to wear floral. Fall and winter fashions, on the other hand, often invoke darker colors with little if any print. Although this might be the universal “norm” in the fashion world, I say why not bring a little extra cheer to every part of the year with floral?! 

While the pastel flowers of spring and summer may look out of place in fall and winter, the good news is you can find a variety of floral prints in fashion. The variety makes it much easier to find pieces for every month of the year. There’s really no reason not to wear your springtime Talulah dresses all year round! 

Here are just a jew of my current Talulah floral favs that would pair well with any season! 

Fall: Las Palmas Mini or Midi Dress 

The fierce femininity and a fun silhouette of this dress are perfect for Fall. Color is one of the easiest ways to give floral prints an autumnal feel. Instead of the bright pastels of spring or the bold hues of summer, match Mother Nature’s changing color palette by softening the look of the flowers you wear. The darker hues of this dress will play nicely among the changing leaves on the trees or the Fall decor surrounding you. Mother Nature’s flowers may be wilting, but this is no time to prepare your floral style for hibernation. Instead of waiting until next spring to bring back the floral look, transition into cooler weather with fall florals. 


Spring: Sunshine Mini or Midi Dress

When we think of spring, we think of pretty, pastel, and popping designs. Floral prints fit right into that light, bright, happy feeling. You’ve spent the entire winter huddled up from the cold. Embrace the emerging bright colors typically found in spring fabrics. Don’t limit yourself to bright pastels. Even though spring and bright colors are a natural fit, try to explore the full range of spring colors available. The Sunshine Mini or Midi dress is the perfect transitional floral dress to wake-up the spring feeling inside of you! 



Summer: Better Together Mini or Midi Dress 

In the summer, focus on pairing bright summer-like blooms with pieces that keep you feeling cool. Go for bold colors. While spring floral prints often incorporate lighter pastels, summer is the time for bold, vivid colors. Test out large, edgy floral designs to reflect the carefree summer mentality. The Better Together Dress’s floral pattern is not for those who want to lay low. This floral pattern is a showstopper and it will make you stand out at any summer party. This dress is best partnered with champagne, wine, or margherita in hand, too! 


Winter: Never Too Much Mini or Midi Dress

Winter calls for a more frigid floral pattern. Go for a more abstract floral print to take off the summery edge. Instead of choosing well-defined flowers, take a more subtle art-like approach. Watercolor-style flowers or blobs of color closely resembling flowers give that abstract look- that’s why this Talulah dress is the perfect winter floral go-to. It’s bold colors and abstract flowers will contrast nicely with the winter snow or the gloomy days.


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