Ready to give your loungewear a rest? If you’ve been at home for far too long, you don’t need an excuse to dress up and host a (virtual) party with your closest friends. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, birthday, or just want to style your favourite La Maison TALULAH dress - we’re all for it. 

 Here’s how to plan the perfect Midnight Fiesta at home: 


Dinner Party - Craving something new? Host a fun evening and share your favourite recipes with your gal pals. You don’t need to leave the house for this one. Schedule a meet up with the girls, pour yourself a glass of wine, and catch up on what’s new. Choose a theme like Hollywood Glamour or Havana Nights and slip into the Midnight Fiesta Floral Mini Dress. Save the sweatpants for another night. 


Date Night - 2020 is the year of embracing something new. Get creative and plan a special evening with your partner. Whether you decide to cook a meal together, plan a dream getaway, or play a game - dig deep into your closet and pull out your best glam outfit. 


How to Manifest your Dreams - Set the tone for the rest of the year, by creating a vision board to put your goals front and centre. Whether you host a small get together at home or keep it virtual, empower your friends to make their dreams come true. All you need is a few magazines, glue or tape, and a piece of cardboard to put the ideas in motion for the rest of 2020. 


Dance the Night Away - While it may be a while until you get another invite to a fancy wedding or soiree, that doesn’t mean you have to stop dancing. Put on your favourite Spotify playlist and host a dance party for the women in your fabulous crew. 


We want you to feel confident and beautiful in everything you wear, that’s why we design clothes that redefine class and style. 


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