We sit down with the charming Natalia Kalinowski to discuss all things career and fashion. Natalia speaks candidly about her role as a business-woman, travelling internationally for work, her motivations, and what its like to work with her love. A must-read for aspiring entrepreneurs!

1. How did your career begin? How different does it look today compared to when it started?

I started as a model, 12 years ago walking through Chadstone with my friends and was scouted out by an agent to enter a Model Search competition, which I did and won. From there I started to book jobs overseas and was based in Japan and Australia for a few years, working for brands like ASUS, Chanel, LV, Chadstone, Crown Casino and many more.
During my travels I started posting online about my lifestyle and where I’ve travelled to, and what I’ve experienced, that someone told me to start a blog. That’s when I decided to start my luxury lifestyle blog @themoderndaylifestyle and run my personal @natkalinowski blog at the same time.

 2. Any advice for aspiring business-women?

Advice I can give is to never give up! This is something I tell myself every week, and I try live by it. If you dream of career in media, acting, tv etc, do everything in your power to succeed. Just remember that it will be times where you feel you want to give up, but just look past it.

3. Are there any special people that inspire you and why?

I have a few people that inspire me in different ways, for instance Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, who was a college dropout and now a billionaire and great businessman. Michael Jordan, who’s passions for basketball couldn’t stand in the way of succeeding in becoming one of the greatest athletes in the world. These two people inspire me to never give up on my dreams and show me, that everything is possible if you work hard.

My parents and husband play a massive role in my life with inspiring me every day. The love and support they provide me with, be there to pick me back up and talk some positivity into me, I can’t thank them enough. My family would be my biggest inspiration to me. I’m very grateful for having a beautiful support system behind me at all times.

4. We understand you work closely with your husband. What's it like running a business with your love?

I run @themoderndaylifestyle blog with my husband Philip, which is really nice for us to have a project to work on together. We both work in different industries during the week so when we do sit down to work on our blog and set up projects with a range of clients, it brings us closer together. We work really well as a team, because we both have a great understanding of marketing and advertising concepts of brands and what they would like to achieve as a final product. We've known each other since we were 13years old: we have a solid foundation so we know how each other works and thinks which makes is easy for us to work together and run our blog.

5. Top tips for your glowing skin?

I love makeup and having beautiful effortless looking skin. But I’m not a makeup artist so I have to stay with the basics. I’m a huge believer of using good quality night and day creams and cleansing products each and every day. Two essential products I live by is a great coverage foundation and a volumising mascara.

6. What are some of the biggest highlights of your career?

I’ve been lucky enough to have a few major career highlights. Biggest highlights in my career would be working alongside Australian Grand Prix, Face of Crown Casino, Ralph Lauren, Worldwide campaign for ASUS, and getting invited to attending world exclusive events.

I am very lucky to be invited to some incredible events, like the Australian Open, Australian Grand Prix, Spring Racing Carnival. I love sporting events, with all the loud noises from the crowds cheering the players on from the sidelines, to the beautiful fashion of both women and men throughout the event, and the luxurious food that I get to try. Each event is different but incredible in their own way.

7. We adore seeing you in Talulah! What was it that draws you to the designs?

What I love about Talulah, is that the brand is always on trend with the fashion world. The materials and texture of the dresses are both chic and elegant, which makes it easy to wear them to every event. If it’s a family BBQ or the Birdcage at Flemington during Spring Racing Carnival - You can’t ever go wrong with a Talulah outfit!