What does success look like to you? I have yet to meet a woman who does not want to be successful, but where our success comes from and what it looks like is unique to everyone. It is a fact that women who support women are more likely to succeed. This reason alone is enough to stop competing with each other all the time and show more support towards your female friends and colleagues. Liz Cantor is the perfect example of a successful woman, who also celebrates other women around her! Here, Liz is rocking the We Found Love Mini dress. Isn't she just glowing?! 

Here are some reasons to celebrate the success of your best friend or colleague like Liz! And I threw in a few tips on how to celebrate others without questioning your own success, too! Because we can never have enough self-love (or any type of love for that matter)! Let’s get into it! 


  1. Health

If we celebrated others’ success as if it were our own, we could feel a huge surge in positivity and joy, which can lead to greater optimism, the latter benefiting our own health.


  1. Satisfaction

By being courageous and selfless enough to embrace others’ success, we also get the benefit of greater satisfaction. We feel fulfilled instead of bitter. When you have the courage to celebrate your friend’s success as your own can lead to personal satisfaction when you think, OK, I now know I don’t need to be afraid to take risks! Your inner circle of affiliations and acquaintances grows, and you can feel appropriately satisfied by that.


  1. Success

We can be mindful of opportunities that come with others’ success. This requires optimally an attitude and perspective adjustment. You might miss out on opportunities and lose your time being bitter without changing underlying feelings and effectively the view you hold. Conceptualizing your own success after another’s success means being sensitive to the changes in circumstances as well. 


  1. Willpower

Beyond seizing an available opportunity where possible, our sense of embracing others’ achievements helps to expand our own willpower. Our own will can be awakened, in turn, when we see the success of others.

The competitive female culture that has been created is out-dated and irrelevant! It’s 2020 and even through all the craziness, women are uplifting one another more than ever! Now that you know some of the benefits of celebrating someone else’s success, you can put this thinking into practice and change your attitude!