How-to Take Your Own OOTD Pics!

Yes, you can take your own #OOTD photos. A good outfit day naturally calls for a photoshoot, but finding someone to be your #OOTD photographer is not always an option. A simple selfie is great, but sometimes won’t cut it when your Instagram grid is calling out for a full fit pic. How should you pose your self-timer fit pics? I have a few fun tricks up my sleeve and I am ready to share them with you! Xx 
In an effort to be self-sufficient, here are some power poses to nailing that perfect outfit shot! 
  1. The Layout 

This pose is exactly what the name suggests! Laying on your side or back, find the right angle to show off your outfit. Crop the frame into the midsection of your body to make the focal point of the picture the middle section of your outfit! Try different poses that create curved silhouettes, especially if you are taking a picture in a dress. I recommend holding a flower or another accessory to add to the aesthetic of this already elegant, and put together pic! This also reduces the chances of your hands looking awkward with no place to go since you’re laying down! 

The Layout

  1. The Mirror 

Ahhhh the classic mirror pic. If you’ve ever tried to take an OOTD mirror pic, then you know that this pic is harder to pose for then it seems! For this pic you want to grab the closest mirror and make sure your room is decluttered and hide anything you don’t want showing in the photo. Discreetly cover your face with the phone and make sure to frame the lines in your photo to be parallel with the mirror. I encourage you to play with different perspectives, zoom in to crop out mirror, create an illusion or show some negative space to create a clean aesthetic. Make sure to check that your stance in the pic is casual and even a bit slouchy- I have found that this makes the pic look and feel more natural! 

The Mirror

  1. The Grid 

The grid is less of a pose and more of a concept. The grid means combining a few or all of your selfies to a grid layout to add dimension and versatility to your Insta feed. You can make your grid  2x2 or more. Have fun with this one, each shot doesn’t need to be perfect to get that professional influencer look! 

The Gird

Now that you’re all set up, snap as many photos as you can. Test the lighting by facing different directions, adjust your camera so that it captures different scenes and varying amounts of light, and try out all of these poses and maybe a few more if you have some ideas! Make sure to periodically look through the pictures you’ve taken to see what you’ve gotten so far, too—you don’t want to end your photo shoot after all that work and realize you didn’t get the shot you wanted.

Above all, be patient with yourself—taking your own photos is a tedious process and one that can be difficult to perfect. Don’t let the frustration get the best of you when you are looking to get the perfect shot—all it takes is time and a bit of practice and the right pose! 

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