How-to Dress Outside of Your Comfort Zone

When was the last time you tried dressing outside of your comfort zone? Or the last time you styled a new pattern or color you usually do not wear? If your answer to this is ‘never’ or ‘it’s been a very long time,” why is that? Similar to accessorizing and styling a look, dressing in clothes you never have before can be scary. If the words: bold, colorful, and floral aren’t used to describe your weekly wardrobe, then sporting a Talualh floral mini might be intimidating to you. But just because the majority of your clothes trend more on the monochrome side, does not mean you cannot try something new! 

That’s the best part of fashion, in my opinion, the endless opportunities there are to try something new when we’re feeling tired of the same old thing. 

Here are a few tips I have for dressing outside of your comfort zone when you’re ready for a new vibe: 

Start simple! 

It’s easy to think that with a new style aesthetic, you need your whole wardrobe to change, and fast, but that is not the case. There is no need to put pressure on yourself to make big changes right away. If you usually find yourself buying solid-colored shirts and dresses a good way to ease into a pattern is buying a solid-colored dress that is a bright color or buying a solid-colored dress that still has detailing or emrboridery over it. You can also use accessories like shoes, jewelry, purses, and jackets to add a pop of color or pattern. These are easier wats to start “small.” 

Source new inspiration! 

If you’re trying out a new look, then you want to switch-up where you get your fashion inspo from! For example, if you usually look at a fashion influencer who sports more monochrome outfits, then look for another fashion influencer whose style better encompasses the new look your are trying out! 

You can also source new inspiration by taking to Pinterest! I’m not afraid to admit my love (and obsession) with Pinterest. Creating new fashion inspo boards for different seasons, different occasions, and for a different style aesthetic is so much fun and makes trying a new look easier, too! 

Confidence is key! 

I’m sure you have heard this over and over again- and I don’t want to be cliche, but I do think this is sooooo important in owning your new, outside-of-your-comfort zone style! Whatever your new style asethic is going to look like, confidence will pair perfectly with it, trust me! 



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